Cheap Investments – Turn $15 Dollars Into $45 Dollars With Cake Mix!

Are you looking for a way you can make some extra money this month or a way that you can become your own boss and work from home? If so, there are lots of great opportunities out there for home businesses you can start with little to no initial investment from you.

When you get into home business, you obviously want to sell a product that is either cheap for you to purchase or make yourself, and that will at least double or even triple your money. When it comes to thinking of those products, many people are easily stumped. You need to find something that not everyone else is selling, and preferably one that is catchy. So what about Coffee Cup Cakes? While it may sound weird, it is just a packet of cake mix that you add water to, mix it in the coffee cup it comes in, and then microwave it for a few seconds. You are then left with an individual serving of tasty cake in a reusable mug.

For the first batch, all you need is a box of cake mix, a reusable coffee cup package of pudding that corresponds with the cake, some decorative plastic wrap in which to place the mix, and nine coffee mugs in which to divide the dry mix between. This initial investment is only around $15, and can bring you at least $45 in profits, as this idea is fabulous for gifting, especially to singles or the elderly. This can be doubled and tripled as you make more money, and then you can even begin buying mugs that correspond with different holidays and occasions.

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