How Cosmic Disclosure Will Affect The Financial World

I am a great protagonist of cosmic disclosure: One of the biggest questions is of course how it will affect the financial world, as the financial world is possibly the weakest part in a chain of interconnected sectors that affect everyone in case of an unexpected event.

There can be no doubt about it when cosmic disclosure finally happens it will shock many people because the average individual still has no clue of what is going on behind the scenes. Assuming that we will get FULL cosmic disclosure, will be a shock to the world but it will propel our evolution forward in a way nothing else can.

This is also true for the outdated and corrupt financial system which is way past its sell by date.

The way in which finances are handled affects every single sentient being on the planet and beyond aiming not to empower but to suppress the evolution of sentient beings. Full cosmic disclosure, and I have to emphasise that we will need FULL cosmic disclosure, will free the financial system to re-set itself to zero and start again.

Why? Because if we get FULL cosmic disclosure the game will be out in the open: There won’t be any hiding in darkest corners of the Antarctic, face history, or the moon or Mars any longer.

Once the truth of the history of the financial system will be revealed with all its flaws the solution will become glaringly obvious. Note, in my book the solution is not bitcoin mixer, but that’s another story…

Imagine every paper, every news channel, every radio station would reveal the truth about the lies in our history books, in science, in medicine and in technology.

My friends, cosmic disclosure is huge. In the end we can not fully anticipate how cosmic disclosure will the financial world, but we can be assured that it will hasten the demise of a system that has been at breaking point for the last thirty years or so.

The stock market will be interesting to watch:

We might see a surge in share prices for small companies at the leading edge of alternative energy and alternative health.

Bitcoin, gold and silver or diamonds won’t feed you in an emergency.

If full cosmic disclosure happens there may be a period of massive turmoil which few will be able to handle mentally because they are still too deeply steeped in the old survival model of fear, anxiety and the drive to defend and blame in order to survive.

Everyone wants change the easy way:

Humanity at large is desperate for it, yet what the people are forgetting is that nothing can change unless the energy that creates change shifts. While so many are fearful of losing a status quo that is still dear to them, the use of money as a means of exchange is one such status quo, there cannot be any significant change.

The financial system is kaput:

The way traders and investors operate is not a modern, sophisticated means of making a living, but a blatant mismanagement of universal energy which doesn’t return anything of value back into the system.

The insanity of aggressive short selling that has crippled many companies over night might actually work in favour of quickening the collapse of the financial world when cosmic disclosure produces a knee jerk reaction in the markets thus making room for regeneration and innovation that acknowledges and respects the contribution of the individual to the world in its entirety.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a success coach and trading psychology coach. She works with financial professionals and entrepreneurs assisting them to create brain coherence and manage their internal states.

She is well known and respected for her cutting edge insights in the field of trading psychology. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is the author of “The Buddhist Trader”, available on and other books on personal development and trading psychology.


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